Friday, March 6, 2009

I made a BIG mistake!! I should have read the rules a little more carefully.... I had to take down my giveaway because I found out today through numerous emails that I am not allowed to link my personal site on the Internet! Sorry!! I guess someone saw my post about the giveaway and saw that I included my link...and instead of just being nice and emailing me, so that I could learn something since I am very new, they decided to go on a forum and put a link to my sons blog on it...and titled the post "Unbelievable Violation". I don't understand why it would be so unbelievable...I am new at this and do not know everything. I didn't realize I wasn't allowed, I would never intentionally do something to violate the rules.
So I just wanted you all to know why that post was removed in case anyone was wondering! Thank you all for your comments about my giveaway! I will still be giving away something since I feel so bad for not being as knowledgeable as I should have been! I'm just going to put all of my friends who read this into a hat and draw a name! I will contact you if you win!!
Again I am sooo sorry! Especially to Jen for going to all that trouble to make that super cute button...only for me to learn that it had to be removed. Oh well! At least now I know and will NEVER make that mistake again!!! Nothing like opening your inbox to a dozen people telling you that you did something wrong!! I think I need to reread ALL the rules!! Oh well..atleast most of the emails I recieved were really nice and understanding!
Geez,....I start writing this blog and already get in trouble! Shoulda stuck with Sean writing it!


capperson said...

I dont get that. That is rediculous!!

Jen said...

I second that! TOTALLY ridiculous!!!