Bye Bye Binkie!!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Okay...I have a confession! I always said I would take Sean's pacifier away before he turned one...I didn't wanna be that mom walking around with her 5 year old who has a binkie hanging out of his mouth!!But...I didn't take it away before one!!
I almost had him completely done with it at 6 months...but then he got sick and got attached to it. So I decided to wait....and then I waited more..and waited more! Well since about 10 months he has only had his pacifier for naps and night time...but I just hadn't tried to put him to sleep without it because.....well to be honest.....I LOVE my sleep and didn't want to sacrifice it!!!
Well I changed my feeling after watching Super Nanny with my mom Friday night! There were 4 year old twins...who STILL had there binkies!!! Not just at night..but ALL day! When they took them away the little boy threw a tantrum for over an hour ...screaming...climbing up on chairs trying to reach them on the tv!!! I looked at my mom with wide eyes...then looked at Sean and said "that's it! Bye Bye Binkie!!!"
I decided it would be MUCH better to lose a little sleep now, then to let him get even more attached to it and lose a lot of sleep later! So that night I put Sean to bed without it....and GUESS WHAT....he didn't even care! He just rolled over, closed his eyes and went to sleep with NO fussing!! Then for nap time Saturday I laid him down...and although he cried a few minutes, he went to sleep and slept for 3 hrs!
I was soo excited, I throw away all his binkies and he has not even missed them! I guess I should have tried earlier but I seriously was dreading taking them away because I was expecting a huge tantrum with no sleep...but he sure made it easy!! Now it really feels like he is a more bottles, no little baby isn't a baby anymore....where did the time go??? he is tonight...with no binkie...sleeping just as peacefully!