Friday, September 26, 2008

yea...I am stuck at set! I am sooo close to figuring out this crawling thing! I get up on my hands and knees and just rock but I just can't figure out the go part!! I will soon though...and when I do WATCH OUT!! I'm gonna be in EVERYTHING!!
Here's a video of me trying....

1st Hockey Game

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

yep...Yesterday Daddy and Mommy took me to my first hockey game to watch the Lightening play. Grandpa was able to get us box seats so we were watching the game in comfy leather seats and mommy and daddy got tons of free food and drinks...I just got a stinkin bottle and baby food but I still had a ton of fun!!! I sat on daddy's lap just jumping up and down...smiling...and clapping. I really like hockey! Everyone loved my Lightening outfit that Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Richie bought me!
Oh and lots of the ladies stopped by to say how cute I was! Mommy tried to find a bathroom to change me at one point and got stopped 6 times by different ladies to ooohhh and awwww over me! Man...I am soo glad I got my daddy's blue eyes! They sure do get the girl's attention!

Daddy, Mommy, and me with Thunderbug...the mascot for the Lightening...he came to our box to take a pic with me!


Me and my baby blues!


daddy and i waiting outside

Another Wedding!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Yep..this was my 3rd wedding this year! I am a pro now! I just show up...look cute, flirt with the ladies, then fall asleep while mommy "rocks" me in the conga line!
Eevryone was amazed by how good I was...I even slept straight through the groomsmen dressing up as the village people...cowboy running in with guns(fake) and one hollering like an indian. I wish I would have stayed up to see that! Mommy said it was really funny! are some pictures...
Mommy and me!(Mommy was a bridesmaid)

Here is the horse and carriage that the bride rode in...

Here is my first reaction to the horse...

and this is once I realized how cool it was..

Mommy, me, and the bride Lindsey

Mommy, me, and mommy's best friend Nikki(the other bridesmaid)

grandma and me


me and Aunt Stephanie

I would have walked away if grandma would have just let me go!

and here I am giving mommy and big kiss because I hadn't seen her all day

My date with Zayda

Thursday, September 18, 2008

So it wasn't the most romantic date...but what if both our moms were there and it was on the floor at Zayda's mommy's work...we are only babies you know. But hey...we did exchange pacifiers a few times!! And we both had fun! Zayda is 2 months older then me (told yea..the older girls love me!) She lives about a half hour from me. I wish she lived closer! I would LOVE to see her everyday! Here are a few pics of us together.
I was trying to hold Zayda's hand without her mommy noticing...I didn't want Zayda's mommy to tell her daddy!! Zayda's daddy watched me once and had a talk with me...he told me I wasn't allowed to do that kind of stuff...just because Zayda and I took a nap in the same crib together..he should of had a talk with our mommies...they are the ones who put us in the crib together!
and here is shortly shocked look is because Zayda's mommy caught me trying to hold her hand! oh and don't mind her chicks dig me bib...I know I should have been wearing it..but she just won't stop drooling...over her mommy gave her the nearest bib.
and here is Zayda just staring at me...she thinks I am cute..I soo can tell!

Daddy is funny!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

So mommy got out that dang camera again! This time I was sitting in my chair that daddy got me from Bass Pro Shops. I was just watching tv when daddy starting whisling at me, I think its so funny when he does it so I started laughing...but the even funnier thing was that daddy didn't even know mommy was recording! He just thought she was taking a he tells mommy to take the picture already and mommy told him she was recording it and called him a goof ball...I thought that was pretty funny too...apparently daddy doesnt like to be recorded eirther...he whipered to mommy to stop shortly after haha! Thanks dad!

Practicing for Nascar!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Yep..thats right...your looking at a furture Nascar driver right here! Uncle Richie's dad was over playing Nascar on playstation and I wanted to play so I started fussing! Well he got the hint and picked me up and let me try! Here I am practicing....


ha..look at me!!


This is when mommy walked in and said "oh no..he is not" and here is my..just try stopping me look..haha!

One of my girlfirends....

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Yep...that's right, ONE of them...I have 4 girlfriends right now! What can I say...the girls just can't resist my baby blues!
Brilei, is my "older" girl. She is 4...but hey , what can I say...I like the older girls! And she may think I am just "cute" right now...but just wait til I can start working out with Nana at the gym! ;0
Brilei came to see me this weekend after being gone for 1 1/2 months! Here she is holding me....mommy says we look like brother and sister...yuck! I don't wanna hear that ...she is suppose to be my girlfriend..I don't want her looking like my sister!!!

Watching Blue's Clues!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Geez!! There I was...minding my own business...watching Blue's Clues...and what does mommy have to do...takes out the dang video camera again!
I got really excited while watching it and fell over...and then later mommy sat me back up and I fell over and made mommy drop the video this video is a little shakey!


Well..I had my stinkin shots on Thursday! Two in one leg and two in the other! But I handled it like a man! I think mommy was a bigger baby then me...she doesn't think I saw...but she had tears in her eyes when I screamed. And what if I would scream too if some lady was holding both of your legs down and jamming 2 shots into them at the same time! But it was only for a second...the the lady smiled at me and I smiled back. Mommy says I will smile at anyone who looks at me...I will...exspecailly girls!!

Well here is the importanat stuff. I weight 19 lbs 2 ozs (75 percentile) and I am 27.5 inches long (81 percentile). My pediatrication says I am looking good ( thats what all the ladies tell me ;0) I am hitting all my milestones. The dr. couldn't believe I was sitting up the whole time I was there...mommy said I was just trying to show off!
Well..I have to go back next month for my second does of the flu shot. I might make daddy take me so I don't have to hold mommy's hand!