Monday, September 1, 2008

Well..I had my stinkin shots on Thursday! Two in one leg and two in the other! But I handled it like a man! I think mommy was a bigger baby then me...she doesn't think I saw...but she had tears in her eyes when I screamed. And what if I would scream too if some lady was holding both of your legs down and jamming 2 shots into them at the same time! But it was only for a second...the the lady smiled at me and I smiled back. Mommy says I will smile at anyone who looks at me...I will...exspecailly girls!!

Well here is the importanat stuff. I weight 19 lbs 2 ozs (75 percentile) and I am 27.5 inches long (81 percentile). My pediatrication says I am looking good ( thats what all the ladies tell me ;0) I am hitting all my milestones. The dr. couldn't believe I was sitting up the whole time I was there...mommy said I was just trying to show off!
Well..I have to go back next month for my second does of the flu shot. I might make daddy take me so I don't have to hold mommy's hand!