Bye Bye Binkie!!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Okay...I have a confession! I always said I would take Sean's pacifier away before he turned one...I didn't wanna be that mom walking around with her 5 year old who has a binkie hanging out of his mouth!!But...I didn't take it away before one!!
I almost had him completely done with it at 6 months...but then he got sick and got attached to it. So I decided to wait....and then I waited more..and waited more! Well since about 10 months he has only had his pacifier for naps and night time...but I just hadn't tried to put him to sleep without it because.....well to be honest.....I LOVE my sleep and didn't want to sacrifice it!!!
Well I changed my feeling after watching Super Nanny with my mom Friday night! There were 4 year old twins...who STILL had there binkies!!! Not just at night..but ALL day! When they took them away the little boy threw a tantrum for over an hour ...screaming...climbing up on chairs trying to reach them on the tv!!! I looked at my mom with wide eyes...then looked at Sean and said "that's it! Bye Bye Binkie!!!"
I decided it would be MUCH better to lose a little sleep now, then to let him get even more attached to it and lose a lot of sleep later! So that night I put Sean to bed without it....and GUESS WHAT....he didn't even care! He just rolled over, closed his eyes and went to sleep with NO fussing!! Then for nap time Saturday I laid him down...and although he cried a few minutes, he went to sleep and slept for 3 hrs!
I was soo excited, I throw away all his binkies and he has not even missed them! I guess I should have tried earlier but I seriously was dreading taking them away because I was expecting a huge tantrum with no sleep...but he sure made it easy!! Now it really feels like he is a more bottles, no little baby isn't a baby anymore....where did the time go??? he is tonight...with no binkie...sleeping just as peacefully!

My Very First Award!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I am soooo excited! Jen from A Daily Dose of Davis gave me an award! Look...

Thanks sooo much Jen!!!
Okay so there are some rules that go along with my award...

List 7 things that you love, and then pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you love! Be sure to tag them and let them know they have won. You can copy the picture of the award and paste it on your sideboard letting the whole world are Kreativ!!

My list:
1)I LOVE my son! Of course you had to know I'd say that! He is my life and I am so proud of him each day! And of course I love my wonderful husband too!
2.)I love sleeping in freshly washed sheets! I absolutely love the smell of clean laudry!
3.)I love going to the beach...its the best way to spend a day!
4.)I love snow! haha..I know those of you who live in it think Im crazy..but I have only seen it once and absolutely loved it!
5.)I love vacation! Even if we don't go anywhere...its just nice to get away from work...and sleep in!
6.)I love a clean house! I hate cleaning it...but LOVE when its clean!
7.)I love taking a nice long bubble bath with a big glass of wine and a good book! I don't get to do that too often now with Sean...but there have been a few times that Justin will surprise me with a glass of wine next to a bubble bath and let me relax and read while he takes care of Sean! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that!

Okay...well here is my list of Kreativ bloggers....
1. Cutsie Tootsie she makes the CUTEST stuff!!!! You should really check her stuff out!!!
2.Peanut's Page She is super creative...exspecially with a crock pot!!!
3.Mom to a Kindergarden Diva Stephanie just started blogging and is already doing great! Love reading about her little Princess!
4.Life With Twins WOW...thats what I have to say about Kelly! When I am going cray with a million things to do and Sean is also going crazy I just think about Kelly and how in the world does she do it with two?!!!
5.Life with the Porter Family She has the cutest blog page! I just love all her belly pics and now getting to see all her new pics with her daughter who was just born! Precious!!!
6.Brecken's Blog You really need to check out Brecken's blog and just look at the awesome diaper cakes his mom makes!!! They are sooo cute...oh and so is Brecken of course!
7.Ryan's Blog I love Ryan's blog because he is just so darn cute! And I really love when April post a video were she is talking in it to Ryan because she has the most southern acent I have ever heard and its so neat to hear! Can't wait to hear Ryan start talking!

St. Patty's Day Play Date at the Beach!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Saige, Tonya, Sean, and I

Since I am still a part time mommy until the end of April I thought I should live it up while I still can! So today I went out to my friend Tonya's house...she lives RIGHT across the street from the beach(LUCKY!!!). She has a daughter, Saige, who Sean just loves! They are only a little over a month apart and make the cutest little couple! Tonya, her boyfriend and Saige are all leaving Sunday to move back to Virginia so I really wanted to see them again before they left! Justin, Sean, and I already went out there just this past Friday..but I thought "what the heck! We're not doing anything today!" So I loaded up my little man and off we went! He loves the beach just like his mommy and daddy...after all we did get married on the beach!
We have had GREAT weather for the past month so I didn't even think to check the forcast before planning my little beach play date! Of course...30% chance of rain and cloudy. But despite the forcast it turned out to be a nice day...I was a little cloudy, but I actually think that may have been better for Sean..Friday when we went it was SOOOO hot and I had to keep him under the umberella most of the time...but not today...I just pretty much bathed him in waterbabies and he was good to go! He had sooo much fun with Saige!
I also called a few friends and they met us at the beach too...Sean seriously LOVED everyone...he was waving and dancing as soon as the radio was turned on! He had such a blast!
Sean and Saige played together with their toys for quite a while...why is that? When he is at home he plays with his toys for about 5 minutes and throws them!!

Sean collecting shells for Saige

Tonya, Me, and Aunt Kayla

Sean really liked Saige's neon green bandaid (She fell into the coffee table)! He kept trying to take it off!

He picked up sooo many shells today!!

This is how Sean answers pretty much EVERYTHNG I asked "where did you put your shells?"

Yep...that would be my son...trying to eat a seashell!!

I snapped this picture seconds before he fell ontop of me and starting jumping and laughing

picking up more shells!

He sooo did NOT wanna take a picture with me! He just kept eyeing the shells!

I have no idea where he gets this face from...but he makes it all the time now!

Not sure about this face either

Saige liked Sean's belly..they are too cute!

After the beach we went back to Tonya's house were Sean played with all of her toys while she took a nap

Once Sean was done playing I decided we should hurry home to beat traffic...yeah right!!! Nice hour and a half drive home! But it was worth it! Sean and Saige had a great time today and so did I! I even got a little tan although it was cloudy! Woowhoo! I need to plan another beach trip soon!

Tonya we had lots of fun! We are really going to miss you and Saige!!

And the Winner Is.............

Monday, March 9, 2009


well Sean made sure to shake up all the entries...

Then he thought about picking out a name...

Then started to reach in and took out a name...

and who did Sean pick???
Drum roll please.....

JEN DAVIS from A Daily Dose of Davis
Be sure to check out here blog...its great!!!

I wish everyone could have won...but I am very glad Jen did...she spent so much time helping me with the button and then I had to take it down! So when Sean pulled her name out I was thrilled!

Congrats Jen! Your awesome tool turn about will be on its way!!


Friday, March 6, 2009

I made a BIG mistake!! I should have read the rules a little more carefully.... I had to take down my giveaway because I found out today through numerous emails that I am not allowed to link my personal site on the Internet! Sorry!! I guess someone saw my post about the giveaway and saw that I included my link...and instead of just being nice and emailing me, so that I could learn something since I am very new, they decided to go on a forum and put a link to my sons blog on it...and titled the post "Unbelievable Violation". I don't understand why it would be so unbelievable...I am new at this and do not know everything. I didn't realize I wasn't allowed, I would never intentionally do something to violate the rules.
So I just wanted you all to know why that post was removed in case anyone was wondering! Thank you all for your comments about my giveaway! I will still be giving away something since I feel so bad for not being as knowledgeable as I should have been! I'm just going to put all of my friends who read this into a hat and draw a name! I will contact you if you win!!
Again I am sooo sorry! Especially to Jen for going to all that trouble to make that super cute button...only for me to learn that it had to be removed. Oh well! At least now I know and will NEVER make that mistake again!!! Nothing like opening your inbox to a dozen people telling you that you did something wrong!! I think I need to reread ALL the rules!! Oh well..atleast most of the emails I recieved were really nice and understanding!
Geez,....I start writing this blog and already get in trouble! Shoulda stuck with Sean writing it!