Camera Crazy...

Friday, July 24, 2009

thats how I would describe myself today! I couldn't help it! I decided to try and gel Sean's hair and just thought he looked like such a little man! I have tons more than this but these were the ones I liked...

See...such a little man!

Here are a few with him and his Aunt Stephanie...she is 15 1/2 weeks preggo...Sean looks so cute touching her little bump!

and a few with me...

and here are a few of him playing outside

Told ya...tons of pics!
Isn't he just so stinkin handsome?!

Sean LOVES Ravioli

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I HATE the mess!!!!

Finally! A New Post!

Monday, July 20, 2009

I promise...I will get better!!! I take so many pictures with every intention of posting them....but then gets in the way! There are clothes to put away, dishes to be done, carpets to vacuum, groceries to buy, dinners to make.....oh and a SUPER active toddler begging for ALL of my attention... making it impossible for me to even get done half of the above list...just ask my husband...hes always asking me..."are my shorts clean?" to which I reply "yes...but they are still in the dryer I haven't had time to put them up!" So...sadly my blog gets shoved to the very end of my super long list....and well...I cant tell you the last time I made it to the end of the list!
So....I am going to try and find more time for this! I may just have to do it during nap time...but hey at least it will get done!

Anyway...there are LOTS OF pics since the last post....I will save some for more posts...but here are lots we took at the beach 4th of July weekend!

Daddy holding Sean in the water..because Sean was scared of the waves! He loved the pool...but the beach was a different sorry...he did get used to it though....slowly

see what I mean..haha...Sean was grabbing Justin's leg and did NOT want to let go!!!!

You can't tell in this pic...but as soon as the wave hit Sean he started SCREAMING!

Sean and Mommy

haha...I took this chair and sat it next to the water...he would get down...then when a wave would start to come he'd run back and jump up onto the chair....I think this is were he started getting a litle more comfortable with the ocean

He waiting for a wave...

and it came..haha

And here are some pics of Sean playing in the hotel...he found that the hotel cabinets didn't have child locks on them!

And here is Sean with his "PAPA" (Justin's dad)
Sean insisted papa wear his HAT!

I have some videos to post too...but my to do list is calling my wait,...thats my child screaming "MAMA..MAMA..MAMA!" So the videos will have to wait til another post!