Random Sean Pics from Justin's phone

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Well both of my guys....(my husband and my son just to clarify since I know what you're thinking)are in my room sleeping. So I decided to go through Justin's pictures on his phone and upload them to my computer...since I have been asking him to do this for a while and it hasn't happened! So here are lots of random pics from his phone...enjoy!

Justin and I both dive...although he dives WAY more than me. He has made it clear that the second Sean is old enough he is getting him certified. Well thats quite a ways away! But when Justin saw they made wetsuits in Sean's size he HAD to get it...not sure what the need for it is....but he looked so cute in it so I gave in and let him buy it.

Next set of pics are Sean enjoying his "doddles" as he says....

Here are a few of him being a little stinker...he LOVES to take our phones...

Here Sean is just relaxing, watching t.v, and drinking his milk....you should know that he NEVER does this so it definetly required a picture for proof....and it only lasted 2 mins and he was back to running around

Sean checking out daddy's racecar and trying to get in!

and last but not least Sean wearing daddy's hat