My buddy...Freckles!

Monday, October 27, 2008

This weekend mommy and I stayed with grandma because daddy went out of town to a race. I had sooo much fun with Aunt Brittany's dog Freckles....we were best buddies this weekend! He is a really hyper dog that just wants to play all the time...and so do I!!
Yep...of course mommy got a video of it, actually she got two this time!...

Rays going to the World Series...check out my Rayhawk!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

For those of you who don't know what a rayhawk is...its basically a mohawk...but all the crazy people here are getting them and calling them rayhawks in celebration of the Rays going to the World Series.
Wait....No...mommy isn't that nuts! She didn't give me a real mohawk! She just used something called "hair glue" that was daddys and put the middle up to make a fo-rayhawk! I think mommy should do my hair like this all the time...I know how lots of girls go for the "bad boys" and I think this makes me look like a hardcore bad.. butt! what... did you think i was gonna say something else?? Remember I am only a baby!!!!! geez!

go ahead ladies...check me out...



Please tell mommy pillows in the middle of the living room don't look nice

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Since I started crawling mommy just keeps putting up all these pillows right in the middle of the living room. Its driving me crazy! I don't know why she is doing it but its blocking me from all the fun stuff like the bar stools and the big fake tree I like knocking over!
So time you see my mommy can you please tell her the pillows don't look good there...then maybe she will move them and I can roam free!

See what I mean...




Batman goes to Disney World!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Not the REAL batman silly!...just me dressed as batman again! Thursday mommy and daddy took me to Disney World for "Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween"! I had sooo much fun...even though it rained a ton!!!! I didn't get wet at all though...thats a big benefit of being a baby...ha...mommy and daddy were soaked...but made sure I didn't get a drop of rain on me!
For Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween everyone gets to dress up and go treat or treating and ride rides! I of course went as batman, mommy went as batgirl, and daddy went as...well... just daddy...he is lame and didn't wanna dress up! mommy's friend Kylee(she's pregnant) went as "pregtastic" a pregnant superhero she made up....I really liked her big superhero symbol "P" on her belly! I keep pulling on it! Oh and her husband Cal went as Superman! I really liked his fake muscles and cape! My girlfriend Brilei also went...her family didn't do the superhero theme...they did Peter Pan, she was Tinkerbell, her mommy was Wendy, and her daddy was Peter Pan. Some of the characters were even dressed up like ghosts and stuff! Oh and I got to trick or treat! Well...actually I only did it once! Then I fell asleep...but don't worry! My mommy kept treat or treating for me...and her! I wish I could eat all that candy she got! It was soooo much!!! Maybe she will let me next year.
Oh ....and the best part of the night,....I got to ride some rides!!!! My first ride was Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger's Spin! It was soooo cool! Kylee thought it would scare me because it was dark...ha..scare me... ya right!!! It was the coolest ride ever! It had all these aliens and stuff that you shoot at with your laser gun...mommy and daddy thought it was really funny because the first thing I did when we got in the coaster was grab the laser! I wanted to shoot some aliens! And I did!!!It was so fun!

Here are some pics of us at Disney....
Mommy would have taken more of Kylee's super cool costume and my girlfriend Brilei...but before she had a chance it started pouring down rain! And you know how girls are...once they get wet and their hair is messed up they don't wanna even hear the word picture!

Here is me, mommy, and daddy in front of the Cinderella's was soo cool, they had the castle lit up in blue and the clock on it kept changing spooky colors!!(oh and daddy only agreed to the picture if he didn't have to smile in it...he is so silly!)

Chillin in my stroller

mommy and me..I was paying attention to the candy that was next to me!

Kylee dancing with me at the "dance party" ..told you i really liked Cal's cape!

mommy and me in front of the castle

I really hope mommy and daddy take me back next year... I really wanna beat daddy's score on the Buzz ride!

It's a bird...It's a plane...No It's............

Saturday, October 4, 2008


actually...its my crazy grandpa flying me around in my Halloween batman costume!
Watch for your amusement!!


Yep...last week I had the ready and the set..but now I have the go!!! I started crawling last Sunday....and now I am everywhere!!! But since I started crawling my mom has a new favorite word she says..."no"....I don't know what the heck it means...maybe she changed my name to it because she says it ALL the time. She said it when I crawled to the big fake plant in the living room...right before I knocked it over, then she said it everytime I went over to the blinds and pulled on them, and again everytime I went to the magazine rack trying to pull it over. I don't really know if I like the name "no" but I sure do like crawling! I can go anywhere long as I hurry before mommy sees!

well of course mommy got me on it is...