Sean at Bush Gardens= tons of pics & a video!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A few months ago Justin and I bought Bush Gardens, Sea World, Adventure Island, and Aquatica passes.....they have a EZpay plan so we decided it would be a good idea... Sean is free right now! I took Sean to Bush Gardens first and he had a much so that I have taken him there tons of times since!!
They have a whole area for little kids called Dragon Land and its really neat...they have a water area to play in, tons of rides, a playground, sand box, and LOTS more things!
I took a ton of are some from our first time...

and here are all the ones from the second trip we went with his older girlfrined Brilei....he Loved running through the water and climbing up the little stairs!

Here we TRIED to get a good pic with this jungle tree guy but it was impossible...Sean just wanted to stare at him

and I know its been a while since I posted a video...but check this out...he just thought running in the water was the funniest thing!....but I kept having to grab him because he kept running onto the slippery part and I was scraed to death he was going to sorry the camera is a little shaky!