I love the Park

Monday, January 26, 2009

Well, mommy, Uncle Matt (hes not really my Uncle...just mommy and daddy's friend who wants me to call him Uncle..he is silly) and my Aunt Steph took me to the park this weekend...it was my 2nd time in my whole life! This time it was much more fun because I could run around! Here are a few pics of me...

I was soo excited to go to the park!.

I was trying o taste the dirt...but mommy kept taking it out of my hand!

I love chewing on every ones drink bottles!

I had fun playing on the balance beam with my girlfriend Brilei...oh and she just found out she is having a baby sister...so that's another girlfriend for me!

I really liked touching all the trees!

Aunt Steph has a few videos so as soon as she emails them to mommy I will have mommy post them!

Mommy Caught me walking!...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Well...I decided to be nice yesterday evening and let her catch me on tape....but then she just wouldn't stop!!! It was fine at first but after like the 10th time I got quite annoyed!!!
Started off fine...

Still fine...

starting to get annoyed...

and finally I had ENOUGH and just cried while walking!!!!!!!!

Guess what I can do....walk and ride a power wheels bike!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Well Happy New Year!!! I know I'm late! Once again its mommy's fault! But hey better late then never right?!
Well alot happened already this year...I learned how to WALK!!!!!!! I mean I'm not a pro yet or anything but I will walk to you if you have a bottle... or toys...or if you just cheer me on alot!I really like when people do the cheering thing... What can I say..I like just standing there, giving everyone the suspense...it just builds up so that when I do it everyone is sooo excited that they clap and give me lots of hugs and tons of cheers! Ha
Sorry, mommy doesn't have a video of me walking yet...she hasn't been able to catch me in the act! But she is trying,....maybe I will be nice this week and finally let her catch me...but I'm not promising!
But she did get a video of me on my power wheels...I LOVE that thing!!!
Check it out....