Guess what I can do....walk and ride a power wheels bike!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Well Happy New Year!!! I know I'm late! Once again its mommy's fault! But hey better late then never right?!
Well alot happened already this year...I learned how to WALK!!!!!!! I mean I'm not a pro yet or anything but I will walk to you if you have a bottle... or toys...or if you just cheer me on alot!I really like when people do the cheering thing... What can I say..I like just standing there, giving everyone the just builds up so that when I do it everyone is sooo excited that they clap and give me lots of hugs and tons of cheers! Ha
Sorry, mommy doesn't have a video of me walking yet...she hasn't been able to catch me in the act! But she is trying,....maybe I will be nice this week and finally let her catch me...but I'm not promising!
But she did get a video of me on my power wheels...I LOVE that thing!!!
Check it out....


Jen said...

What a cute video! I can't wait to see one of him walking. Addie is VERY close...but hasn't taken any alone steps yet. I can't believe how big Sean looks. First birthday is coming soon!!!