My date with Zayda

Thursday, September 18, 2008

So it wasn't the most romantic date...but what if both our moms were there and it was on the floor at Zayda's mommy's work...we are only babies you know. But hey...we did exchange pacifiers a few times!! And we both had fun! Zayda is 2 months older then me (told yea..the older girls love me!) She lives about a half hour from me. I wish she lived closer! I would LOVE to see her everyday! Here are a few pics of us together.
I was trying to hold Zayda's hand without her mommy noticing...I didn't want Zayda's mommy to tell her daddy!! Zayda's daddy watched me once and had a talk with me...he told me I wasn't allowed to do that kind of stuff...just because Zayda and I took a nap in the same crib together..he should of had a talk with our mommies...they are the ones who put us in the crib together!
and here is shortly shocked look is because Zayda's mommy caught me trying to hold her hand! oh and don't mind her chicks dig me bib...I know I should have been wearing it..but she just won't stop drooling...over her mommy gave her the nearest bib.
and here is Zayda just staring at me...she thinks I am cute..I soo can tell!