Beach Wedding

Monday, August 11, 2008


Yesterday was a fun day! I went to mommy and daddy's friend's wedding, Shawn and Janelle. Yep Shawn has the same name as me...just spelled different! And nope...I am not named after him! Daddy just liked the mommy made sure to spell it different. My daddy was in the wedding as the best man..or whatever they call that. He did a good job, and mommy kept saying that I looked just like him...actually, EVERYone was saying that. But I think it was just because daddy and I both had white shirts and kakhis...oh and the blue eyes. The wedding was really was on the beach. Mommy was REALLY worried that I was gonna started screaming or something when Janelle walked down the isle crying and ruin "the moment"...but I didn't. I actually didn't make a peep the WHOLE time. I was just relaxing on the beach. Mommy thought maybe it was something to do with being outside and the weather being so good. But little did she know, I was just too busy checking out that cute flower girl to make any noise! People couldn't get over how good and "smiley" I was. You would think these people had never seen a good, quite, laid back baby! Man I should have made some noise when they kept pitching my cheeky and telling me how chuncky I am though! Good thing I am not self consious!

All in all it was a good time! What baby could ask for any better...just chillin out, eating pears, and drinking a bottle while listening to Jack Johnson on the beach!