She CAUGHT me!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Well I figured I would finally roll over on camera for mommy so she would STOP sticking the camera in front of my face everytime she lays me on the floor. Ever since I started this rolling over thing she has been trying to "catch " me but I think its funny to stop as soon as she gets that stinkin camera out! I will just roll all over the place and then mommy will run for the camera and turn it on ..then I will just look at the camera with this blank look like..."what??...I'm not doing anything!" haha! But I started feeling bad for her , so today I just kept rolling. Mommy was sooo happy she caught me!
But after she turned the camera off she picked me up and I got MAD!!!! I really was trying to roll my way into the kitchen and get me some more of that yummy homemade baby food but she just had to stop me! So I let her have it! Then I got my way,...haha...I got yummy pears and peaches!
Well..there you have it! I hope you all are happy. I know my thinking was that mommy would stop with the videos once she "caught" me...but now I'm thinking its only gonna make things worst! Now she is gonna try to catch me when I start crawling, walking, talking,...wait...when is it gonna stop...oh geez...she better not try to record my first date!!!! Oh what did I just get myself into!
Daddy...PLEASE make mommy stop!!!


Christina said...

He's getting SOOO big!! ...and I think Sean has got some of the BEST baby legs I've ever seen :o)

Ashley said...

Christina- I know! He is getting so big! Just today he was sitting up all by himself for a good 10 mins! And yes I agree he does have the best baby legs! Every one tells me he has the cutest thighs! Why is it that chunky thighs are only cute on babies?? not fair..haha!