So its not exactly every ones idea of relaxation...

Friday, January 8, 2010

So moms....just imagine 2 hours of pure peace and quiet away from the kids.... going to a place where you walk in and everyone is SUPER nice to you, they immediately ask you if they can get you anything to eat or drink....and I am talking good stuff like rice crispy treats, cookies, popcorn & soda! Then they open up a HUGE cabinet and tell you to pick out a movie from like hundreds!!! Then climbing into a cozy recliner and those super nice people putting headphones on you, starting your movie, and covering you with cozy warm blankets! Then just spending 2 hours watching your movie with no interruptions except those super nice people asking if your okay or if they can get you anything else! Sounds GREAT right??!!! Then when your movie is over they just take the needles out, give you more great snacks, some sorta cool gift like a big coffee mug and your out the door. Errhh...did I forget to mention the needle part???

Whoops....well the reason needles would need to be removed before leaving is because to get this great service, awesome snacks and 2 hours of "relaxation" you would need to donate platelets!!! I know, I know...its not exactly every ones idea of relaxation when they have two needles sticking out of their arms. But I probably had you wanting to sign right up before that needle part right?!
Well today I donated platelets for the first time and to be perfectly honest, it really didn't just felt like giving blood. And it was nice to be able to sit down and enjoy a movie (my selection was Devil Wears Prada....loved it!) without a super active, non-stop, crazy toddler climbing and jumping all over me! Plus it felt awesome to know that I was helping someone in need!
For those of you who I didn't scare off at the word needle, but aren't sure what platelet donation is all about I'll give ya a little info. First, platelets are super important, they are vital to life. They prevent massive blood loss by helping your blood to clot. Platelets are needed for cancer patients, organ transplant patients, patients undergoing bone marrow transplants, and some patients undergoing surgery. Donating platelets, to me, felt alot like donating whole blood. Only with donating platelets they put a needle in one arm that takes blood out and then put another needle in the other arm that puts the blood back in. The blood that is taken out goes through a machine that separate the platelets into a bag for donation then it puts the rest of the blood back into you. I really didn't feel much, just the initial sticks of the needles. Then you sit back for 90 mins to 2 hours and watch a movie. I have talked to some people that say they sometimes experience tingling or numbness in their lips (due to loss of calcium) but they give you Tums and it goes away. That didn't happen to me. I just laid back and enjoyed the movie! My best fiend Kylee came with me and also donated and she said the same thing....just felt the needle prick and then watched a movie!
I really encourage you to donate platelets if you can. I am sooo glad I did! I had always seen things about it while donating blood but didn't quite know what it was about until I was listening to one of my favorite radio stations, Spirit Fm, and the host Abby mentioned that she does it. I then read her blog about it and became really interested in doing it so I emailed her to ask her some more questions. She answered all my questions (believe me I asked a ton!)After that I called my local blood service center and set up the apointment. I know it seems like a hassle because taking 2 hours to donate is a long time but just think, you will be helping someone critically ill and get a little relaxation or my crazy definition of it anyway :0)
If you have any questions about it feel free to leave me a comment!


Carolynn said...

Ashley, I think that's awesome! You actually make me want to go donate platelets now... sort of sounds like fun!

Ashley said...

It really was LOTS easier then I was thinking and I really did kinda enjoy it! haha. If you end up doing it and have any questions just let me know :0)