Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sean went potty in the "Big Boy Potty" today!!!!!!

He was in the living room and just took his diaper off and shouted "MOMMY POTTY". So we ran to the potty and he climbed up on it AND...he went #1 and #2!!!!! I couldn't believe it! I started clapping, saying "GOOD JOB BIG BOY!!" and he got so excited! He then got off, flushed the toilet then climbed up on his step stool and washed his hands! I just can't believe he told me he had to go and just went!! Guess it's time to really start trying the whole potty training thing!!


Jen said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good job Sean!!! Keep up the good work mama :-)

Carolynn said...

That is amazing, Ashley!! I can't believe this--Eliana did almost the exact same thing this morning! She's been going on the potty all day... totally out of the blue! Let me know how Sean's doing... I'm curious where things will go from here! Yay for Sean being such a big boy!