My New Year's Resolutions!!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

#1.......POSTING ON THIS BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I know...I think every time I post I say how I am so sorry it's been such a long time since I last posted and how I promise to get better at it! So that's why I am going to make this one of my new year's resolutions!!!! I would love to say that I plan to make daily updates but I don't want to set myself up for failure! So I am going to set a more realistic resolution is to post once a week!!! I think part of my problem has been that I don't want to post an update if I don't have a picture and since a Disney employee dropped ours and broke it at Disney we have been without one for a while! So I will post even if it means no picture! Also I didn't have a computer for a while but since my wonderful husband got me a SUPER awesome mini notebook for my bday I really have no excuse who knows maybe I will post more then once a week!
While I am on the subject of New Year's resolutions I figured I would share my others with you....thanks Jen for the idea (if you don't read her blog you should its great and she updates it all the time!)
Normally every year my new year's resolution is the lose weight! Ha isn't every ones??!! But not this year because I got a head start on it..I have been in a weight loss contest for the last 3 months and with less than a week left I am in first place hoping to win $430 bucks!!! I have lost 23 lbs and am 19 lbs less then I was when I first got pregnant with Sean!!!I have lost about 5-7 lbs less then what I really should be at so since I could stand to gain a couple lbs back ....the contest ends the 22nd and you better believe we already have plans for a cookout complete with cheeseburgers, french fries and oh course WINE!!!!! HAHA!!! But after I get back to a good healthy weight, one of my resolutions is to MAINTAIN my weight!!!!

I have been running alot since the contest started and I want to keep doing that at least twice a week along with some spinning and toning classes. I ran a 5k a few weeks ago and I plan to run another in February!!!
Another resolution I have is very different from ANY New Year resolution I have ever had.....I want to read the bible in a year!

Yep....that's my resolution!!! I asked Justin to get me the "One Year Bible" for Christmas and it takes you through the whole bible in a year...just way easier to read....the book starts on January 1st and just has a few pages to read daily. I asked him to get me the NIV version so it would be even easier to read. We have been going to church regularly now for months and I teach Sunday school but I have never actually sat down and read the bible all the way through. I recently went to a bible study group and it truly changed me! I absolutely loved it and it had me reading little bits of the bible and left me wanting to read the rest. So....that's my resolution! I figure if I can make time to read all the twilight books...some multiple times...then I can find time to read a few pages of the bible daily!
My last resolution is to juggle everything while staying on top of them all!!!

There are soooooo many things that fall into this category! NUMBER 1...LAUNDRY!!!!! Then there is just the daily things like dishes and picking up the house! Staying productive at work! Cooking!The list go3es on and on!!! I am gonna try SUPER hard in this category though because I always just kinda put things off but 2010 is a new year!!!
So...there you have it! All my New Year's resolutions!!!
So you will definitely get to see if I follow through with my first resolution...posting weekly! I truly am gonna try super hard! I mean after all, its a New Year's resolution and no one every breaks those... right?!!!


Jen said...

Your blog looks BEAUTIFUL honey!!! I know you asked me to help you about a million years ago, but it looks like you did pretty fantastic on your own! And your resolutions sound wonderful. I know you can do them all. I would love to read the bible too...I might have to pick up that book :-) Nice work sweetie! Thanks for the shout out too!

Ashley said...

Jen- Thanks! Oh and Its fine I know you have tons going on right now! I can't believe you only have 11 days left!!!! You look adorable too by the way! You are just too cute preggo...I soooo was not...I was a big swollen puff ball ha!
Ya that bible is really neat...Justin has one but I want the my own and I want the woman's one....I think really the only difference is its pink ...haha...but hey I like pink!