Fun in the Sun...with the Crabbie Sandbox!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Sean LOVES to be outside and when we go to the beach he LOVES to play in the what better thing to get then a sand box for outside?!! I took a few gift cards I have been saving up from his bday and went to toysrus to get the Crabbie Sandbox...its just like the turtle one Im sure everyone has seen with the lid, only this holds a little more sand.
We went to Walmart to get the sand because toyrus sand was way too expensive,....then we set it up and Sean went to town throwing sand in his hair and on me! HaHa...he LOVES IT! Oh..and so do I...he actually stayed in it for an hour...yep you read son...Sean...stayed in the SAME spot for an hour!!!!

and here he is trying to throw it at me!!!

this is right after he messed up my sand castle!

We are about to go outside again now and play in it again!