Cupcakes, Presents, and Grandpa as Spiderman= AWESOME Birthday Party

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Well...I am offically ONE! My birthday party was yesterday and I had sooooo much fun!!! I got a TON of clothes and toys!!! Oh...and get grandpa dressed up as Spiderman!!! I know its just my first birthday but I think it was the coolest birthday ever!!! There were lots of my family and friends there...and some of my girlfiends!
Everything was going good unil mommy had all those people crowd around my highchair and sing to me...then she placed this big cake in front of me... I didn't like that so I got upset! So mommy put a little cupcake in front of me instead and that was much better...more my size! Then mommy put some cake in my it was yummy! And I made a mess so Aunt Stephanie gave me a bath. After that I opened all my presents and played with all my toys! Oh...and one of the coolest things I got was spiderman light up shoes!!!! I love them!
Thanks so much to everyone for coming and all the great presents! Daddy told mommy today that we are not having a big party every year becasue we will run out of room for all the toys!! We'll see...
Here are tons of pics...
The cake and cupcakes my mommy made!

my Spiderman decorations

My Grandpa Spiderman!
I kept trying to take his mask off!
Me and my mommy
My Aunt Brittany, me and My Aunt Stephanie

Mommy and my newest friend Kingston
Kingston with Spiderman

Me eating a cupcake (I had my own cake too...but the size was too overwhelming, so mommy gave me this cupcake!)

All my great presents!

I LOVE this thing!!

My spiderman shoes!

Playing with my girlfriends

Daddy's friend Shawn and my grandpa liked playing with my toys ALOT

videos will come soon...mommy has to upload them to youtube


Stephanie said...

Thank you so much for inviting us! Jana had so much fun! Can't wait to come play with Sean again soon!

Ashley said...

Thanks for coming!! It was nice seeing you guys! Your blog is so cute! I LOVE the name!