Sean's Buzz Lightyear Birthday Party!!! (really late)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Well...Sean had a Buzz Lightyear Birthday party on Feb. 20th (his actual birthday)Sorry I am just now getting around to posting about it!
He had a blast!! Sean LOVES Toy Story...especially Buzz so I thought it would be perfect to have Buzz be his bday theme. Boy was I right! I put Sean down for a nap before his party so I could decorate and when he woke up and saw all the Buzz stuff he was soooooo excited. He just kept saying BUZZ YEAR!!! (meaning Buzz Lightyear) are TONS and I mean TOOOONS of pictures!....
This was right after he saw all the decorations
Sean with Grandma

Here is Sean's Uncle Richie, His little friend Kieth, Aunt Brittany, Sean and Aunt Stephanie....Sean was NOT in the mood for Pictures

Here was Hunter our littlest bday guest!'s my nephew just so stinkin adorable?

Me and my nephew

Present opening....every present he opened he would hand it to Papaw and tell him to get it out of the box. Needless to say, he took quite a while to open all his presents! Oh and I think Sean got every Toy Story item that is made!!!!!

After presents it was cake time!

And this is what happens when a two year old has lots of cake!!!

Everyone loved this Toy Story blow up ball pit....
Here is Sean and Kieth

And Cameron

Even Aunt Kayla and Papaw joined in on the fun!

oh and last but not least....Sean got a new big boy bed for his birthday....oh course its s Toy Story bed! He LOVES it! (this isn't where the bed is now, we have since rearrange his whole bedroom but when these pics where taken his crib was still in his bedroom )
Uncle Richie wanted to test it out with Sean...


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