Sean's Buzz Lightyear Birthday Party!!! (really late)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Well...Sean had a Buzz Lightyear Birthday party on Feb. 20th (his actual birthday)Sorry I am just now getting around to posting about it!
He had a blast!! Sean LOVES Toy Story...especially Buzz so I thought it would be perfect to have Buzz be his bday theme. Boy was I right! I put Sean down for a nap before his party so I could decorate and when he woke up and saw all the Buzz stuff he was soooooo excited. He just kept saying BUZZ YEAR!!! (meaning Buzz Lightyear) are TONS and I mean TOOOONS of pictures!....
This was right after he saw all the decorations
Sean with Grandma

Here is Sean's Uncle Richie, His little friend Kieth, Aunt Brittany, Sean and Aunt Stephanie....Sean was NOT in the mood for Pictures

Here was Hunter our littlest bday guest!'s my nephew just so stinkin adorable?

Me and my nephew

Present opening....every present he opened he would hand it to Papaw and tell him to get it out of the box. Needless to say, he took quite a while to open all his presents! Oh and I think Sean got every Toy Story item that is made!!!!!

After presents it was cake time!

And this is what happens when a two year old has lots of cake!!!

Everyone loved this Toy Story blow up ball pit....
Here is Sean and Kieth

And Cameron

Even Aunt Kayla and Papaw joined in on the fun!

oh and last but not least....Sean got a new big boy bed for his birthday....oh course its s Toy Story bed! He LOVES it! (this isn't where the bed is now, we have since rearrange his whole bedroom but when these pics where taken his crib was still in his bedroom )
Uncle Richie wanted to test it out with Sean...

Bare with Me Please!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Yes I know my New Year's Resolution was to have a new post each week but..... honestly I have been drawing a blank!
I open up a new post, start to type, and then I don't like what it says so I close it and decide I will try again later. But nothing comes to me later!! So for this post I decided I would just simply update you on my little man!
He has been in his toddler bed now for a few weeks and is doing great. Surprisingly, he goes to bed alot easier then I thought. He doesn't even get out of his bed to play with his toys! Although he is starting to develop a little habit of waking at 3am and climb into bed with us. I would try to put an end to this...but since we go to work at 5am, our alarm goes off at I really don't feel like getting out of bed an hour before my alarm goes off just to fight with him for 30 mins til he finally falls back asleep then head back to my bed to try and fall back asleep so that just as I finally do I can be greeted by the sound of my alarm! Trust me....I thought about that and having him cuddled next to me while sleeping an extra hour just sounds way better!! On the weekends however I do get up and take him back to his bed:0). Howevere last night I didn't have to because he didn't come into bed with us so that was a step in the right direction!!!
Oh and another big boy update....we started potty training officially last week and he has been in big boy underwear ever since. He started out with only a couple accidents here and there, but has been accident free for 4 days now! I haven't try naps/nights yet, however this morning Sean came in my room at 5:30 am saying "POTTY!!!!" so I took him to the bathroom and to my surprise his diaper was completely dry and he went potty in the toilet! Now I am not ready to put him in underwear at night just yet but its a start! And normally for outings I will still put him in a diaper just in case (mostly b/c I am nervous and even though he wears a diaper he will still tell me when he needs to go) but today I took him out all day in his big boy lunch, walmart, & a visit to Aunt Brittany at work....and no accidents! Every time he had to go he told me! I am so proud of him and its wonderful not changing diapers!!!!
Okay well that's all I have for now! I will try and make up for my lack of posts by posting a couple this week...but we shall see!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sean went potty in the "Big Boy Potty" today!!!!!!

He was in the living room and just took his diaper off and shouted "MOMMY POTTY". So we ran to the potty and he climbed up on it AND...he went #1 and #2!!!!! I couldn't believe it! I started clapping, saying "GOOD JOB BIG BOY!!" and he got so excited! He then got off, flushed the toilet then climbed up on his step stool and washed his hands! I just can't believe he told me he had to go and just went!! Guess it's time to really start trying the whole potty training thing!!

How can this be comfortable???

Friday, January 15, 2010

This was today at nap time. He first slept in his crib for 2 hours, then I heard him say "mommy" on the monitor so I went in to get him and found that from the time it took me to walk to his bedroom he had gotten out of his crib and fell asleep on his Toy Story couch as you see in the above picture. I have no idea how he could possible be comfortable enough to fall asleep like that, but obviously he was!
He can get out in .2 seconds, LITERALLY ! For the past week I put him in his crib then shut the door, and as I am turning the handle to close it Sean has already climbed out and is turning the handle open!! Just the other night at 3 in the morning while I was sleeping I heard "mommy" and turned to see Sean at the foot of our bed! He then proceeded to climb into bed with us, get under the covers, said "night night" and fell back asleep!
So I guess we will be changing his crib over to a toddler bed this weekend since his crib is pretty much POINTLESS now! But I have no clue how I am going to get him to sleep since he will be able to get out of bed so easily (not that his crib hasn't been easy to get out of to him lately!)...anyone have any suggestions??!

So its not exactly every ones idea of relaxation...

Friday, January 8, 2010

So moms....just imagine 2 hours of pure peace and quiet away from the kids.... going to a place where you walk in and everyone is SUPER nice to you, they immediately ask you if they can get you anything to eat or drink....and I am talking good stuff like rice crispy treats, cookies, popcorn & soda! Then they open up a HUGE cabinet and tell you to pick out a movie from like hundreds!!! Then climbing into a cozy recliner and those super nice people putting headphones on you, starting your movie, and covering you with cozy warm blankets! Then just spending 2 hours watching your movie with no interruptions except those super nice people asking if your okay or if they can get you anything else! Sounds GREAT right??!!! Then when your movie is over they just take the needles out, give you more great snacks, some sorta cool gift like a big coffee mug and your out the door. Errhh...did I forget to mention the needle part???

Whoops....well the reason needles would need to be removed before leaving is because to get this great service, awesome snacks and 2 hours of "relaxation" you would need to donate platelets!!! I know, I know...its not exactly every ones idea of relaxation when they have two needles sticking out of their arms. But I probably had you wanting to sign right up before that needle part right?!
Well today I donated platelets for the first time and to be perfectly honest, it really didn't just felt like giving blood. And it was nice to be able to sit down and enjoy a movie (my selection was Devil Wears Prada....loved it!) without a super active, non-stop, crazy toddler climbing and jumping all over me! Plus it felt awesome to know that I was helping someone in need!
For those of you who I didn't scare off at the word needle, but aren't sure what platelet donation is all about I'll give ya a little info. First, platelets are super important, they are vital to life. They prevent massive blood loss by helping your blood to clot. Platelets are needed for cancer patients, organ transplant patients, patients undergoing bone marrow transplants, and some patients undergoing surgery. Donating platelets, to me, felt alot like donating whole blood. Only with donating platelets they put a needle in one arm that takes blood out and then put another needle in the other arm that puts the blood back in. The blood that is taken out goes through a machine that separate the platelets into a bag for donation then it puts the rest of the blood back into you. I really didn't feel much, just the initial sticks of the needles. Then you sit back for 90 mins to 2 hours and watch a movie. I have talked to some people that say they sometimes experience tingling or numbness in their lips (due to loss of calcium) but they give you Tums and it goes away. That didn't happen to me. I just laid back and enjoyed the movie! My best fiend Kylee came with me and also donated and she said the same thing....just felt the needle prick and then watched a movie!
I really encourage you to donate platelets if you can. I am sooo glad I did! I had always seen things about it while donating blood but didn't quite know what it was about until I was listening to one of my favorite radio stations, Spirit Fm, and the host Abby mentioned that she does it. I then read her blog about it and became really interested in doing it so I emailed her to ask her some more questions. She answered all my questions (believe me I asked a ton!)After that I called my local blood service center and set up the apointment. I know it seems like a hassle because taking 2 hours to donate is a long time but just think, you will be helping someone critically ill and get a little relaxation or my crazy definition of it anyway :0)
If you have any questions about it feel free to leave me a comment!

The BEST Christmas present ever!!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Nephew Hunter was born 12/22/09! He was 6lbs 11ozs 19 1/2 inches long! We were not expecting him to be here for Christmas because my sister was not due until January 11th but little Hunter decided he didn't want to wait a whole year to get in on the Christmas present action! My sister was feeling crampy on Monday and went to the dr., they told her she was 2 cm and they did a sono to check her placenta....everything was fine so she went home. The next morning she was getting ready for work....and her water broke! It was prefect timing because her husband who works out of town, had the entire week off and had just got home that day! So they arrived at the hospital at 5:15 am and Hunter was born at 8:19am!!!!! Yes you read that little sister....first time mom....had her baby 2 weeks and 6 days early and in only 3 hrs!!!! Fast labors run in the family mom had me in 2 1/2 hrs, Steph in 1 1/2 and Britt in 19 mins! I had the longest about 5 1/2 hrs.
Here is my sister and Hunter afer he was born

Hunter with his daddy

My sister did a great job and Hunter is absolutly perfect!! They went home the very next day and we all celebrated Hunter's first Christmas at my sister's house yesterday.
I took Sean over to meet Hunter on Christmas eve and he fell instantly in love with him. He wanted to kiss and hug him as soon as he saw him. It was soooo cute!
Sean meeting Hunter for the first time

In these pics Hunter fell asleep so we put him in his crib, then Sean decided he wanted to lay in the crib with Hunter....

Christmas when we told Sean we were going to see Hunter he got super excited! He is great with him. He just wants to hug, kiss, and hold him all the time!Its soooo precious!

Hunter in his Christmas sleeper

me holding my adorable nephew

Maybe now that Hunter is born my sister will create a blog for Him...huh Steph?!!!!;)

Look Who's on Santa's Lap........

Friday, December 18, 2009

Well...I finally took Sean to see Santa on Thursday. He has been saying "tanta" now for weeks every time we pass by a Santa pic, figurine, or see him on tv. So when I told him we were going to see Santa he got sooooo excited! I got him all dressed up in a nice sweater and brand new shoes, fought traffic getting to the mall, searched forever to find a parking spot, waited in a SUPER long line with a very impatient toddler saying "TANTA!!" the whole time, FINALLY made it to Santa's lap, sat Sean on Santa's lap and.....he SCREAMED AND CRIED!!!!!!!!!!! Yep after Sean was soooo excited to see Santa he sat in his lap and just screamed and cried...I tried giving him a candy cane, the picture lady jumped up and down with jingle bells...nothing worked....EXCEPT.........

YEP....Mommy sitting on Santa's lap with Sean!!! ha I was sooooo not planning on that.. hence the jacket...I soooo would have dressed a little nicer! But oh well. At least he stopped crying. And after the pic he turned and said "BYE TANTA!" Little Booger! I am hoping next year I won't have to sit on Santa's lap again!

****on a side note... I wanted to point out that I getting a jump start on my New Year's resolution by posting weekly! See.. 2 post in less then a week! GO ME!!!