Bare with Me Please!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Yes I know my New Year's Resolution was to have a new post each week but..... honestly I have been drawing a blank!
I open up a new post, start to type, and then I don't like what it says so I close it and decide I will try again later. But nothing comes to me later!! So for this post I decided I would just simply update you on my little man!
He has been in his toddler bed now for a few weeks and is doing great. Surprisingly, he goes to bed alot easier then I thought. He doesn't even get out of his bed to play with his toys! Although he is starting to develop a little habit of waking at 3am and climb into bed with us. I would try to put an end to this...but since we go to work at 5am, our alarm goes off at I really don't feel like getting out of bed an hour before my alarm goes off just to fight with him for 30 mins til he finally falls back asleep then head back to my bed to try and fall back asleep so that just as I finally do I can be greeted by the sound of my alarm! Trust me....I thought about that and having him cuddled next to me while sleeping an extra hour just sounds way better!! On the weekends however I do get up and take him back to his bed:0). Howevere last night I didn't have to because he didn't come into bed with us so that was a step in the right direction!!!
Oh and another big boy update....we started potty training officially last week and he has been in big boy underwear ever since. He started out with only a couple accidents here and there, but has been accident free for 4 days now! I haven't try naps/nights yet, however this morning Sean came in my room at 5:30 am saying "POTTY!!!!" so I took him to the bathroom and to my surprise his diaper was completely dry and he went potty in the toilet! Now I am not ready to put him in underwear at night just yet but its a start! And normally for outings I will still put him in a diaper just in case (mostly b/c I am nervous and even though he wears a diaper he will still tell me when he needs to go) but today I took him out all day in his big boy lunch, walmart, & a visit to Aunt Brittany at work....and no accidents! Every time he had to go he told me! I am so proud of him and its wonderful not changing diapers!!!!
Okay well that's all I have for now! I will try and make up for my lack of posts by posting a couple this week...but we shall see!